Corbin's Close
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McCabe Construction

Mike McCabe of McCabe Construction, Inc., has earned a reputation as a master craftsman with an eye for detail and authenticity during his 30 plus years in residential construction. Mike’s experience includes custom home building, major renovations and additions, custom cabinetry, woodwork and timber-frame (post and beam) construction. He has worked on a number of historical buildings in the Kent County area including Pleasanton Abbey, Eden Hill and the Loockerman House. 


Prior to home construction Mike McCabe had several years experience finishing decks and interiors on custom built sailing yachts.


The property with its stands of pine, oak, dogwood and hollys that encompasses Corbin’s Close has been in the Barbour/McCabe family for over 70 years. The community name reflects the family heritage: "Corbin" for the French-Canadian side of the family and "Close" which is a Scotch-Irish term for cul-de-sac.